Ritual + Relief.

Ritual Relief Wellness is working to elevate your happiness one product at a time.

About R+R.

Ritual+Relief Co. is a sophisticated line of all-natural, expertly blended, psilocybin Extract products that build new neural pathways in your brain, thus making you feel mental clarity, grounded, optimistic, creative and inspired.

With over 15 years of research and development, Ritual Relief Co. has created everyday products infused with three active mushrooms for the purpose of long term micro-dosing, and receive its long term benefits. Our psilocybin extract is proven to offer a cleaner, tastier, more enjoyable experience to pave the way and elevate your everyday with R+R products.

Body, Mind + Spirit.

Ritual Relief.

Creating modern-day rituals through lab-tested products that are proven through rigorous R&D to assist with mental and physical stress. Try making R+R part of your daily ritual.

Why choose R+R.

1. Locally sourced and made in Canada

2. Made for believers by believers

3. Dedicated customer support

4. Passionate about mental Health

We care about health.

We care about our customers and their physical and mental health and strive to refine and produce products that can aid in their well-being.


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