It’s time to get out of that rut and feel good again.

Our product line is created from years of research and development leading to our unique psilocybin-infused products. Ritual+Relief Co. was created for the purpose of short or long-term microdosing and its long-term benefits. Our Psilocybin Extract is proven to offer a cleaner, tastier, more refined experience.

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We’re a sophisticated line of all-natural, expertly blended, psilocybin extract products that build new neural pathways in your brain making users feel:

- Mentally Clear + Confident

- Joyous + Relaxed

- Grounded + Optimistic

- Creative + Inspired

Our Mission

To help decrease symptoms of poor mental health brought on by these unprecedented times. Collectively there's a need to dig deep, reflect, laugh, create and get back to really living again.

- Elevate your everyday with Ritual Relief products -

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Ritual Relief Wellness is working to elevate your happiness one product at a time.

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