Connecting and Healing

In keeping in line with our mission of helping decrease symptoms of poor mental health, we have partnered up with Veronika Rezucha our certified Psychedelic Integration Coach.

Purpose and Intention

Psilocybin is a powerful tool in supporting positive mental health but having someone to speak and guide you can provide even more relief. That is why we have brought together the resources to support people.

Whether you’re seeking guidance on:

  • Managing stress
  • Coping with life transitions
  • Addressing deeper emotional concerns
  • Finding balance and seeking direction

Speaking to someone is designed to help you achieve greater mental and emotional well-being.



“Our bodies are wise, and so are we, when we take the time to know ourselves.”

Meet Veronika – a strong and compassionate medicine woman who has dedicated herself to the art of healing. She is a graduate of the Phoenix Academy and Chiron Academy psychedelic and psychedelic integration training, and the School of Reverence psychedelic integration training programs. Additionally, Veronika has training in Advanced Applied Kinesiology (bone and organ setting) and has completed the Family Constellations training with Agata Burdziuk.

Veronika’s healing journey began after experiencing a long and challenging postpartum journey. She discovered how to address pain in the body, mind, and spirit and became curious about the causes of trauma. This curiosity led her to the path of medicine work, where she discovered her calling as a medicine woman with a deep capacity for holding space. She has a remarkable ability to enter into the subconscious mind and uncover hidden patterns that lead us into pain and turmoil.

Veronika helps her clients find the information they need to choose how to heal themselves, guiding them at their own pace. Her gift lies in creating a safe space for others to explore their deepest feelings and emotions. As Veronika says, “Our bodies are wise, and so are we, when we take the time to know ourselves.”

Book an Appointment with Veronika

Please provide your contact information and any questions you may have and we will schedule a consultation with Veronika certified Psychedelic Integration Coach.  


Phone consultation (30 minutes Free)
Integration: 1hr $130 
Integration: 1.5hr $180

Integration: 2hr $230