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  1. Andrea

    ( 9 Reviews )

    The lemon ginger tea blend alone is unreal – but the added mushrooms are the cherry on top! SO DELICIOUS thank you

  2. Laura K

    ( 9 Reviews )

    Cant get enough of this tea !

  3. Omid P

    ( 9 Reviews )

    (verified owner)

    Absolutely love these in the morning with my coffee or as a tea itself. If you got a bit of a tolerance two will make for an amazing work day.

  4. Jesssie

    ( 9 Reviews )

    steeped 2 bags in one cup and I never felt so cozy iml

  5. Mediafy

    ( 9 Reviews )

    Love this tea good job

  6. ericaa

    ( 9 Reviews )

    even without the dose i’d buy this for the flavour yummmmm!

  7. jude kusnierz

    ( 9 Reviews )

    This tea is incredibly delicious. So soft yet fruity. Bags disappeared from the bag so quickly, only to discover that everyone in my house hold immediately take to them, not even realizing that they were a little sparkly. All of us are now converted to it as a nice sparkly start to our day in addition to our evening ritual. I’m so glad found it. Delish!

  8. Luke Summers

    ( 9 Reviews )

    I am really, really impressed by this product. I have tried a number teas from from various producers, but the taste alone sets this apart from the rest. The Lemon and Ginger is so good. The dose is perfect to kickstart your day, and if you have a little tolerance for it, a couple of bags in the evening can be a perfect wind-down. I highly recommend this to anyone.

  9. Louise

    ( 9 Reviews )

    Firstly I must say that Ritual Relief has the most excellent service, thank you.! Their products are great as well. This tea is very smooth ,calming and so delicious!

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Organic locally sourced lemon ginger tea, Lion's Mane 40mg, Ashwagandha Root 40mg, Golden Teachers 125 mg

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