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Get all the tools you need to gain clarity, passion, and stability throughout your day.  All three of our organic psilocybin microdose varieties can help guide you through whatever life throws at you. These are professionally formulated by a herbalist with over 20 years of experience. They are also mixed then capped in a vitamin production facility, so our dosages can be trusted to be accurate for your needs.



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Reviews (5)

  1. SeannCAL

    ( 5 Reviews )

    Took two of these before I started editing some music videos and was extremely engaged – Got real into it

  2. Erin

    ( 5 Reviews )

    These were fun on my hike today thanks guys

  3. Colby

    ( 5 Reviews )

    Needed a little extra stimulation to finish of a design project for a corporate job. Hit a roadblock. Then I found these. Knocked the pitch out of the park. Thanks again r+r. Forever customer.

  4. K. Kestel

    ( 5 Reviews )

    (verified owner)

    I take these regularly for extra focus and flow. They seem to smooth out the edges and sharpen the picture all at the same time.

  5. Richelle Plumstead

    ( 5 Reviews )

    Ok, this blend is really neat because it “creates” two very different effects for myself and my BFF & daughter. For me, I get the giggles and truly enjoy EVERYTHING to the max once it kicks in. For my BFF ( who is more tolerant to anything naturally medicinal ) it’s the perfect blend to help her focus on daily tasks and eases her anxiety and stress levels. My daughter ( same tolerance as my BFF ) has found this blend REALLY helps with her post-partum depression and she finds more joy in daily life. This one is the fan favorite!

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