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Get all the tools you need to gain clarity, passion, and stability throughout your day.  All three of our organic psilocybin microdose varieties can help guide you through whatever life throws at you. These are professionally formulated by a herbalist with over 20 years of experience. They are also mixed then capped in a vitamin production facility, so our dosages can be trusted to be accurate for your needs.



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  1. Shannon

    ( 4 Reviews )

    I can’t describe in words how happy I am that I found these caps!!! I’ve tried a few other low-dose caps but they’ve been so inconsistent with the dosage. Thank you for providing something lacking in this space. RELIABLE DOSAGE. I know what experience I can expect. Stability.

  2. Jamo

    ( 4 Reviews )

    Taking two every morning so far and feeling great – thanks will move up to the create next!

  3. Melissa Harris

    ( 4 Reviews )

    (verified owner)

    After a friend recommended R+R I have been blown away by their products, especially the STABILITY capsules. Its been part of my journey to help with my anxiety and mood. I’m feeling much better after only a month and now have Ritual & Relief as part of my daily wellness program. I highly recommend this product.

  4. Richelle Plumstead

    ( 4 Reviews )

    Need to chill out? Does your work day sometimes leave you feeling a bit overwhelmed with a spinning mind in the evening? That WAS how I felt. If sometimes if my day has been chaotic I’ll take one of these after dinner and within an hour or so everything just feels lighter. For myself, I didn’t feel any kind of “buzz” and was quite capable of continuing with some work that I needed to do BUT I felt less anxious with my ducks in a row and not running in all directions. I also have the best sleeps when I take one of these 🙂

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